The Virtual Lab for Multi-scale Modeling for Concrete is a multi-scale simulation platform that covers 10 orders of magnitude, and allows for various scale effects to be involved in the calculations. This is considered as a part of an evolving concept, created for a complex community of researchers (users), information devices (such as, experimental data) and services (computational models and computer support tools) that are connected through the internet. The ideal benefit idealized is the sharing of databases with experimental data, computational models and support tools in information, that replace the physical equipment of a laboratory, that will be done in a virtual laboratory environment distributed and accessible by students, researchers and professionals. This virtual lab is the result of a great research and development effort tackling the concept and development to establish a virtual laboratory based on a "Netcentric" approach. Although the developed architecture is hampering by the fact that most computational models and supporting computer tools have been developed using traditional programming languages and platforms, it showed that the enormous potential of the web-based approach seems very promising.


  • Daniel Oliveira Gherard de Alencar - Researcher PIIC-UFSJ 9084
  • Rafael Framil - Researcher
  • Igor Rodrigues Pereira - Researcher
  • Matheus Felipe - Android Developer
  • Igor de Oliveira Ramos - Researcher PIIC-UFSJ 10683
  • Prof. Dr. Dárlinton B. F. Carvalho - Coordinator
  • Prof. Dr. Eddie Koenders (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
  • Dr. Edwin Dado (Netherlands Defence Academy, Breda, Netherlands)